Abdul Aziz’s dissertation, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta Doctoral student entitled “The Concept of Milk Al-Yamin Muhammad Syahrur as the Validity of Nonmarital Sexual Relations” became a controversy and was the subject of much discussion in the media for the past few days.

In his dissertation, Abdul Aziz said through Milk Al-Yamin Muhammad Syahrur’s Counsel can be used as a contribution to the renewal of Islamic criminal law, Islamic family law and Islamic civil law that sexual relations outside of marriage is permissible and lawful with several requirements.

Who exactly is Muhammad Syahrur who was referred to by Abdul Aziz in his dissertation?

Muhammad Syahrur is a liberal thinker from Damascus, Syria. Born on April 11, 1938 in Damascus, Syria. In 1969 Syahrur earned a Masters degree in engineering and in 1972 Syahrur successfully completed his Doctoral program. In the same year he was officially appointed as a lecturer in the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Damascus University and took courses in Land Mechanics and Geology.

Viewed from an educational background, Muhammad Syahrur is not a mufassir (expert commentator), jurisprudent and usul ul fiqh, or language. Nevertheless, Syahrur often involved himself in issues of shari’a liberalization and the deconstruction of the Qur’anic interpretation.

Some Islamic law and rules of interpretation and jurisprudence are deconstructed by armed with technical knowledge and rely on the origins of their familiarity. His environmental background, both his education and relationships, also influences the way of thinking in his works. Shaykh Albani Rahimahullah during his life was once asked about the figure of Muhammad Syahrur.

“His name is Muhammad Syahrur, I know, he is a communist, he went to Russia and studied there. When I returned to talk with him about some of the problems it became clear to me that he was atheist, “said Shaykh Albani.(Fahad Hasan&DBS)