PT Pelindo II (Persero) in 2016 budgeted an Operating Expense of Rp7,013,941,573,000.00 and was realized of Rp6,411,461,985,000.00. Then in 2017 budgeted Operating Expenses of IDR7,690,097,040,000.00 and realized IDR7,656,306,865,000.00. The Operational Expenses include realized Employee Expenses used for the payment of Commissioners, Directors and Employees’ salaries amounting to Rp1,754,151,820,000.00 in 2016 and Rp2,024,354,644,000.00 in 2017.

Employee Expenses are consolidated employee expenses of PT Pelindo II (Persero) and its subsidiaries. However, it was found that the income of the General Manager (GM) of PT Pelindo II (Persero) was not in accordance with the provisions of Rp1,571,139,000.00.

Based on the analysis of Investigator KA Team, looking at the Directors ‘Decree Number HK.568 / 16/3 // 1 / PI.II-17 dated March 16, 2017 is very contrary to the Directors’ Decree Number HK.568 / 22/11/1 / PI.II- 16 dated November 22, 2016. Because, it is known that in addition to getting money to replace facilities and fuel oil assistance, each GM gets vehicle facilities, fuel between 200 sd 300 liters, and representative allowances ranging from Rp7,500,000.00 to Rp15,000,000.00.

Because the Board of Directors’ Decree Number HK.568 / 16/3/1 / PI.II-17 dated March 16, 2017 only revoked the Decree of the Board of Directors Number HK.568 / 5/12/1 / PI.II-16 dated December 5, 2016 concerning Allowances Operational for the General Manager, but does not revoke the provisions regarding the provision of money to replace official vehicle facilities and the provision of “lump sum” GM fuel.

Ironically, based on the written statement of the Director of Human Resources and Law of PT Pelindo II, as quoted by, information was obtained that in 2017 the Directors set a policy to provide GM operational vehicle facilities. However, by not reducing the value of income that has been given.

Judging in more detail, the provision of money to replace GM official vehicle facilities actually does not comply with the provisions. It is known that the GM branch obtained official vehicle facilities based on lease contracts or vehicle facilities based on the results of relocation from the head office with a period between August 2017 s.d. 2018. It turns out that there are payments for GM official vehicle leases amounting to Rp1,787,664,000.00 for the period August 2017 s.d. September 2018.

And, it shows that between August 2017 s.d. 2018 GM Branch in addition to getting official car facilities, also received money to replace official vehicle facilities amounting to Rp1,291,404,000.00. In addition to the two problems found above, even more detailed is also known that there is a lump sum of GM fuel which is not in accordance with the provisions. The reason is, besides being given a lump sum of fuel there is also the realization of fuel for GM Branch official vehicles amounting to Rp139,000,919.00 and 2,830 liters.

For this reason, the public demanded that the KPK reveal the factors and actors that caused these SOEs to lose billions of rupiah. Because the regulatory overhaul seems to have been planned from the start and only benefits some parties.

“Not only that, if that is the case the loss mode has become clear, it’s just that in the progress of deeper investigation the KPK is demanded to call relevant parties for clarification. Because it is strongly suspected it seems forced. Instead of sticking to established regulations, the facts are reversed and findings are stagnant, “the community said.(Fahad Hasan&Tim Investigator KA)