is known that the Ministry of Finance (DKE) of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) did not verify the proposal of the DOSM sari budget, in the RKA preparation stage, the Ministry of Finance conducted a review of the proposed budget work plan from the Satker and compiled the RKA Satker into the OJK RKA.

In addition, the official Memorandum of submission for the initial budget of DOSM to the DKEU for the 2016 fiscal year until 2018 did not include a detailed list of calculations of the proposed budget figures. Based on information provided by the Directorate of Financial Planning of the DKEU, the submission of the RAB is not supported by a list of calculations that form the proposed budget figures.

Based on data compiled by the KA Investigator Team, the fictitious allegation of the source data of the remuneration budget calculation is unclear with the following description:

The Supreme Audit Board (BPK) did not get the basic document for the calculation of the SEDK remuneration budget number 19 of 2017 dated June 22, 2017 concerning OJK Budget Compilation Procedure Part IX Number 1 which states that the calculation of remuneration costs in the medium and annual term contains at least information.

Among these are the number of employees, remuneration costs per level of position per sector, details of remuneration costs per each facility per level of position, such as basic salary, position allowance, PPh 21, and other facilities, and assumptions on salary increases per year. Based on minutes of interviews with the Directorate of Financial Management DOSM it is known that the calculation of the budget is not based on the number of employees.

In fact, the budget was prepared based on the realization of the t-1 budget (partly in the form of a realization projection) multiplied by CoLA, merit increase, and other assumptions that were formed without the determination of the OJK leadership.

The BPK has requested a working paper in the form of calculation which is used as the basis for budgeting each remuneration element to the latest DOSM through Letter Number 302 / S / XV / 11/2018 dated November 5, 2018, but until the inspection ends, the intended data is not obtained.

Therefore the number of people, the frequency of payment, and the cost of the remuneration unit in the RAB cannot be explained. Obviously, this is very contradictory, so that observers’ assumptions about OJK seem to flirt and alleged indications of fictitious budget management that had been planned from the start. has tried to contact OJK to ask for clarification, but from OJK until this news was prepared there was no response or response. (Fahad Hasan & KA Investigator Team)