Mandiri’s 2016 and 2017 (first semester) Bank Mandiri credit management activities are allegedly chaotic. Starting from the weakness of the application of the precautionary principle to the provision of working capital loans that are indicated to be jammed. This certainly has the potential for losses that must be borne by Bank Mandiri.

There are various types of credit facilities provided by Bank Mandiri to certain companies. The credit facilities, only in the first semester there were 18 findings that were problematic. One of them is financing the Working Capital Credit facility (KMK) to PT GTS, with a debit tray per June 30, 2017 amounting to Rp494,957,211,452.

According to documents owned by the Railway Investigator Team, reportedly the financing is at high risk and has the potential to become a problem credit. Because at the time of credit management, Bank Mandiri had not adequately monitored it. Especially for the guarantee of the PT GTS Working Capital Credit facility. Even though the KMK facilities provided by Bank Mandiri were very large. However, Bank Mandiri does not manage it seriously.

Capital Credit

In fact, if traced deeper, it turns out that the debtor did not meet the adequacy of collateral. Including the PT GTS collateral release policy, increasing the risk of decreasing PT GTS’s security coverage at Bank Mandiri.

This has resulted in the provision of credit facilities to PT GTS with a debit tray of IDR 494,957,211,452, potentially problematic. In addition, the interests of the second way out of Bank Mandiri are insecure and unprotected. Especially for the settlement of debtor loans from collateral consisting of inventories and receivables, in this case the potential for default.

PT GTS itself, formerly named PT PPE. Initially it was a company engaged in the repair / service services of telecommunications products and accessories. This company has developed into a distribution and retail company of products, telecommunications services, accessories, and repair services.

For your information, PT GTS is located at TRIO Building, Jalan Kebon Sirih Raya Kavling 63, Central Jakarta. And, it was established based on Haji Yunardi S.H’s No. 1 Deed of Notary March 1, 2007. In addition, PT TRIO as the ultimate shareholder and parent company of PT GTS, is also a debtor at Bank Mandiri (Fahad Hasan & KA Investigator Team)