Allegedly, Is Bank Mandiri’s Loan Wrong?

Bank Mandiri’s entity in managing credit with clients seems to have ended badly. For example, in 2017 there was a credit facility for PT AMBE. The loan with Debit Tray as of June 30, 2017, which is worth Rp.426,173,428,588, is presumed to be a loss.

In fact, the report held by the Railway Investigator Team explains that the provision of this loan has led to indications that Bank Mandiri is at a disadvantage. Because initially the provision of Working Capital Loans or KMK at PT AMBE was allegedly wrong.

Like KMK 1 (one) which is done in the form of non revolving. Then, the second Working Capital Credit (KMK) is the same, carried out in the form of non revolving as well as with different limits. So it’s natural if findings appear.

For example, PT AMBE is indicated to use several projects that are the underlying disbursement of non-revolving KMK to Bank Mandiri. The value is known as Rp. 93,700,000,000. This is allegedly intended by PT AMBE to obtain facilities at other banks, without the permission of Bank Mandiri.

For information, PT AMBE is a company engaged in the field of industrial power service. Including electricity project contractors, especially the provision of spare parts, overhaul services, machine investigations, and line boring.

In fact, PT AMBE also has a service system (electricity), rental services generating sets (generators). And, becoming an Independent Power Provider (IPP).

Loss Loan

PT AMBE is domiciled in Jakarta, with branch offices in Denpasar, Bali, and the location of workshops in Jababeka Industrial Estate, Cikarang Bekasi. Now, to smooth its operations, PT AMBE is a debtor of Bank Mandiri through a business group, namely PT AMBA.

Once, PT AMBA, which was a debtor of Bank Mandiri, obtained Investment Credit and Working Capital Credit facilities. The debit tray per June 2017 is valued at Rp. 160,639,893,620 with collectibility 5. If we use the term, it is jammed. Similar to PT AMBE, PT AMBA has its own concentration in its field. PT AMBA is engaged in non-passenger logistics or sea transportation.

The company is also owned by Mr. JEA (who is PT AMBE’s key person). Because of the opportunity for coal transporters from PT PLN Batubara. Namely a subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero) which is engaged in the procurement of coal for PT PLN (Persero).

However, who would have thought that the debtor’s financial performance (PT AMBE) had decreased due to operational losses. And, the Mandir Bank is responsible for the consequences, because of the problem. It can be seen, the position of PT AMBE’s credit facilities as of June 2017 is back again, along with the decrease in debtor’s financial performance due to operational losses.

Then based on the Book Delete Analysis Note dated March 30, 2016. The Minutes of Credit Restructuring Committee A.3 Commercial Segment Decree on March 30, 2016. The PT AMBE debtor’s status is write off. (Fahad Hasan & KA Investigator Team)