present the composition of the largest shareholders in PT. Indosat is the first, Ooredoo Asia Pte. Ltd as much as 65 percent, secondly Public Ownership as much as 20.71 percent, and the third Government of the Republic of Indonesia as many as 14.29 percent.

If you look at Indosat’s financial position in the form of assets, it seems not very encouraging. Because every year continues to decline which is very dangerous for the company.

From the data received by the Railway Investigator Team, it is known that the decline in Indosat assets has occurred since 2016. Where in 2015 the position of Indosat’s assets is still around Rp 55.3 trillion. However, in 2016 the position of assets was only Rp 50.8 trillion, down by around Rp 4.5 trillion.

And, the decline in assets not only occurred in 2016, in September 2017 the position of Indosat’s assets was only Rp. 47.3 trillion. Means that between 2016 and 2017 there has been a decline in assets of Rp 3.4 trillion.

So, about two years running, Indosat’s assets have been eroded or have decreased by Rp. 8 trillion. This indicates that the company is experiencing financial problems that have no solution.

Or perhaps, the company is heading for financial bankruptcy. This can happen, if there is no medicine to cure the continued erosion of assets. (Fahad Hasan & KA Investigator Team)